To make Your Journey successful, you need to identify a start point, assess and select the best people to take you there and develop those people to ultimately help you to reach your destination.
Corporate Performance Development’s 3-step analysis and professional development process guides you through Your Journey, whatever your end goal or destination.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.


We work with you to:


We show you how to identify sales ‘DNA

We use our expertise to uncover the presence of those innate behaviours in your existing team and in potential sales people – before you recruit them.

Using our unique CPD Sales 8 Traits © framework, we identify those behaviours which we now know are fundamental to continued excellence in sales performance.

We use our expertise to highlight any behavioural deficit in poor performers and make recommendations for addressing this.


We assess skills, knowledge and behaviours and select high potential sales people for you

We use our tried and tested sales behavioural framework to assess the competence and development needs of your existing, new and potential sales personnel.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of each individual’s ability to demonstrate all of the fundamental sales behaviours required for consistent, sales excellence.

We highlight the areas they excel in and any traits which may need support or enhancement to maximise on sales performance.

We will guide you and your managers through the process of assessing performance traits in prospective employees; ensuring you only invest in individuals capable of exceeding objectives and driving your business forward.

Using the ‘CPD 8 Sales Traits’ © model, as a basis, we have a unique ability to help businesses select the right person for the right job, the first time.

We will help you to achieve:-

  • Improved staff retention and continuity of service for your clients
  • Less time and money spent on correcting performance deficit
  • A robust and effective recruitment and selection process
  • A team of individuals capable of taking your business to the next level

CPD 8 Sales Traits © model, is not a theory. It is a research based, practical solution with demonstrable results that some of the biggest names in industry, including American Express and BMW, have benefited from.

To find out more, contact us today – Our team is on hand to get you started on Your Journey to enhanced sales success and improved business productivity.


We design and deliver learning interventions which make a measurable
difference to performance

Having worked with you through stage 1 and 2 of the process, you will now have a clear idea of which members of your existing team are best suited for each role within your business.

You will have now established the individuals in your sales team who are able to demonstrate the required behaviours for success. CPD have the experience and tools to help them to enhance those behaviours and to maximise on all sales opportunities through our sales development programme.

Our interactive workshops, seminars and coaching sessions are designed and delivered by established, qualified and highly experienced trainers and coaches. Our development and training modules are uniquely developed for each delegate group. No two people are exactly the same – neither are our sales development, management development or personal development training programmes.

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