CorporatePD are specialists in the identification, selection and development of sales excellence.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.



We help you to identify and enhance fundamental sales behaviours

Most sales training providers focus on skills, knowledge and experience. Some refer to behavioural traits but then attempt to address behavioural deficit with standard sales tools and techniques. They then wonder why the training failed to make a difference.

Some of the behaviours, essential for continued sales performance, can be developed. However, we now know that most fundamental sales behaviours are innate and can only be enhanced with training if they are present to begin with. We work with our clients and their teams to identify, recruit and then enhance these behaviours.


We use extensive research to improve sales excellence

Extensive research into the behaviour of successful sales people, and 22+ years sales development experience, has enabled us to develop a model for successfully identifying those behaviours which are fundamental to consistent, effective sales excellence. ‘The CPD 8 Sales Traits’ model is designed for assessing sales competency and highlighting opportunities for enhancing and development of behaviours.

Our focus on identifying and enhancing the intrinsic behaviours in individuals that point to success, enable CPD to offer our clients something different to the average sales training provider. That difference stems from our understanding that improving sales performance it is not about trying to address behavioural deficit with the usual sales models and tools typically provided by sales training courses.

Corporate Performance Development has clients across the UK and throughout mainland Europe and is proud of the positive and measurable impact our assessment,  selection, sales training, workshops, and sales consultancy has had on the overall efficiency and success of our clients’ businesses.


We provide interventions which have a lasting positive impact

Our trainers and sales coaches will add significant value to your business and help your organisation to experience the right people in the right roles and sales professionals that:

  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours which lead to continued success
  • Consistently achieve targets without the need for ultimatums
  • See environmental or personal barriers as opportunities – not as excuses
  • Stay with your business, providing continuity of service to your clients and an increasing knowledge base to your organisation
  • The right people in the right roles – Increasing efficiency and reducing staff turnover

Stop wasting time and money on sales training which repeatedly fails to deliver results.

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