Our work to improve people management processes and techniques has enabled our clients to maintain the motivation and improve the performance of their teams, even during challenging economic times.

By understanding the impact of their behaviours, delegates are able to adapt their approach and utilise the tools required to manage people and performance effectively.


The art of communication is the language of leadership.




We allow you to get the most out of your sales team

Programmes we have designed for specific clients include:-

  • Managing People and Performance
  • Leading Teams and Change
  • Handling the Management Challenges of Organisational Change
  • From Buddy to Boss (Team Leader/Supervisor development)
  • An introduction to Management – New Manager’s Toolkit
  • The Right Fit (Competency based recruitment and Selection) 
  • Talent Management Programme – Design and Implementation 
  • Personal, team and organisational goal setting
  • Conducting effective Appraisals and creating performance development plans

Get the most out of your management team. Let us provide them with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to achieve targets and lead their staff to consistent success.

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We work with you to reduce the negative impact of organisational change on your sales performance and sales team

Is your business currently going through, or planning significant organisational change? Corporate Performance Development helps their clients to plan, communicate and implement major change programmes.

We will work with your management team to effectively manage the many challenges of change and minimise the traditional, negative implications of organisational change through the development and implementation of our change management programmes.

From ensuring efficient communication, through to utilising the skills and knowledge of your existing staff effectively, we can assist in safeguarding and even enhancing business operations and overall performance for the long-term.

We have designed a variety of Change Management Programmes for existing clients, including:-

  • All Change – Managing the implications of organisational change
  • The Level Playing Field – Introduction to the Organisational Competency Framework
  • Understanding the Management Challenges of Change
  • Moving On – Communicating the need for change

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