We work closely within our clients’ environments to understand their businesses, objectives and specific challenges. We then create unique interventions – processes and programmes of learning – which are implemented and supported on client site.

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For many of our clients, we are asked to work with a number of departments, teams and individuals. We create processes and learning interventions specifically for them by adopting the following approach.

The briefing meeting

The objective of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for the client to discuss why they feel any development is required, the skills, knowledge and behaviours which they would like to see enhanced and the current symptoms which suggest that some learning intervention is required.


Familiarisation sessions allow our specialist trainer or coach to understand the job, the difficulties faced and the opportunities which arise for performance improvement.


Based on the contributions from key stakeholders, including the delegate group, and following agreement of the evaluation methods, the programme will be designed.

Programmes may include interactive workshops, team activities, scenario reconstruction using professional BRPs (Business Role Players), Group and / or individual coaching sessions, intersession project work or online activities.


Most workshops include team and pairs activities, discussion and a variety of visual learning aids. Preferred communication and learning styles are reflected in the session activities.


We try to take the opportunity to provide managers and HR with both general and individual feedback immediately after the training. We aim at evaluating training effectiveness at four levels.


Immediate Response

This is obtained using post-course evaluation. The evaluation sheets are pre-designed for each programme and aim at understanding how the learning met the needs and expectations of the delegate group. Often the training sessions we conduct for our clients are part of an extensive programme to be delivered to many delegates. We see this post-course evaluation time as an essential opportunity for enhancing any programme prior to delivery to the next group. Pilot training sessions are usually offered for this purpose.


Plans for Learning

CPD training aims at enabling the delegate group to evaluate the learning tools they have gained and how they intend to apply the learning. Individual Action plans, detailing specific actions for change, timescales and any support / resources needed are created with the help of the trainer. Copies are sent to the line manager who then reviews and monitors progress against the plan.


Application of Learning

The action plan forms the basis for measurement of application. Usually the line manager or the CPD trainer works with the delegate to assist with transfer of learning. Methods to measure transfer of learning have included survey questionnaires (particularly for service enhancement programmes), field accompaniment, coaching and feedback sessions and review against development plans.


Impact on the Business

For many of the programmes we deliver, it is possible to produce evidence of a direct positive impact on the business as a whole. As a specialist sales development provider for many of our clients, CPD has been able to design and deliver training solutions which have made a measurable difference to individual and team sales figures.

We have provided coaching to senior management which has had a measurable positive impact on working relationships and our outplacement training and guidance has resulted in pre-redundancy placement rates of c90%.

Some performance improvement is more difficult to attribute to specific learning experiences. However, our 360 degree process and close relationship with our clients provides us with a greater clarity than most on the positive impact we are having.

As part of the focused evaluation of programmes within our clients, we have been able to identify further development needs and plan future interventions.

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