Over the last few years, our coaching programmes have become increasingly popular with both our existing training clients and with executives, leaders and business owners with which we have not previously worked.

Our coaches are highly experienced, qualified professionals who support managers and business leaders with planning, talent management, sales excellence and with the development of their organisations’ strategy through solution focused coaching.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear and has you see what you don’t want to see so you can be who you have always known you could be.



We help you identify solutions

Our Executive coaching is typically a 1:1, interactive process, designed to help individuals identify approaches or solutions to specific work related issues and to enhance their own development. Our objective is to work with our clients, at all levels and in all disciplines, to help them achieve their full potential.


We provide solution-focused coaching 

Our programmes of Coaching have been particularly valuable in facilitating clarity of thought during the planning and implementation stages of significant organisational change and businesses growth. In addition, feedback from our clients tells us that transfer of learning, following our interactive management workshops, has increased significantly as a result of the implementation of follow-up Coaching programmes for course delegates. Many of our workshop delegates choose to continue their coaching sessions long after the completion of their practical learning.

Much of our work is with top team or senior executives, as the demand by organisations increases for senior managers to demonstrate strong interpersonal behaviours. We have also helped a number of our junior and middle management clients with our solutions focused coaching sessions.

The duration of coaching programmes vary, depending on the objective(s) of the sessions. We have clients who have engaged in coaching for an agreed time period, perhaps to address a specific issue or change initiative. Others prefer to schedule regular sessions over an extended time scale as part of their on-going, professional development.


We offer coaching at times to suit you

Corporate PD coaching sessions can be conducted as face to face meetings, over the telephone or on-line via Skype, Google Hangouts or Face Time and are arranged at a time convenient to the Coachee; often outside of normal business hours to enable busy clients to obtain the maximum benefit.

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