Sales Development, Management Development & Executive Coaching

CPD’s initial brief was to support the development and growth of the telesales team by identifying gaps in the skills, knowledge and behaviours of the existing personnel and then designing and [...]


Following the design and delivery of the group’s management development programmes, CPD was asked to work with the broader management team to encourage transfer of learning and provide a [...]

Restructure Of Human Resources Function

CPD worked closely with Gattaca (formerly Matchtech group) for many years; providing unique and transferable learning and development solutions to their Sales, Shared Services and Management teams.

Management Development

Having designed and delivered this clients Sales development programmes, CPD was invited to conduct a training needs analysis in order to identify the support and development required by the [...]

Sales Development

We were originally invited to work with Gattaca (formerly Matchtech Group) back in 2000. The original brief was to design and deliver a bespoke sales programme which built on the technical skills [...]