Surviving Covid 19

The implications of COVID 19 have been far-reaching for organisations. Many companies have had to make headcount reductions and are now trying to achieve more with less. Managing the practical [...]

What are your biggest challenges when training staff: infographic

Companies across the country often struggle to motivate and train their staff. This month we reached out to our community to see what challenges they face when developing their employees. Take a [...]

How to get your unmotivated staff into action: infographic

When it comes to motivating employees, sometimes it can be a struggle to make sure that the team feels involved and are focussed on your end goals. That’s why we wanted to explore some of [...]

Customer Satisfaction is Dead!!

In today’s commercial, competitive world; good just isn’t good enough. Stay ahead of the game by offering service excellence. Find out more. Contact Brian [...]

People buy People – An Introduction to Style Awareness for Legal Professionals

No matter what you’re selling, ultimately, people buy from those they like. Style Awareness helps people to identify the dominant communication style of their internal and external [...]


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New! ‘Wired for Sales’ – Sue Gibbons

Achieving Consistent Excellence in Business Development - an essential guide for aspiring sales people and the managers that need them!

Building Business Partner Relationships

Are you only a 'me too' commodity provider? Do you want long lasting, positively different relationships with your high potential clients?

People buy People!

Understand your own dominant and secondary communication styles - and those of your existing and potential clients - and maximise on all business opportunities!

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