New! ‘Wired for Sales’ – Sue Gibbons

Sue’s new book, “Wired for Sales” – Achieving consistent excellence in Business Development – an essential guide for aspiring salespeople and the managers that need them!

Why do so many salespeople regularly fail to achieve the target and why do so many jump before they’re pushed and leave their sales organisations in search of an easier ride, or even a completely new career?

How can Sales Managers make sure they don’t fall foul of ‘professional interviewees’ and recruit the right salespeople, the first time – people who will demonstrate consistent excellence in sales performance and who will build long-lasting, lucrative relationships with valuable clients?

Wired for Sales will answer these questions for you. If you are an aspiring sales professional, it will enable you to achieve great sales results, consistently. If you are a Sales Manager or business leader, it will show you how to accurately assess, select, develop and guide your Sales team to constant success.

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Sue Gibbons
Corporate PD

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