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We were originally invited to work with Gattaca (formerly Matchtech Group) back in 2000. The original brief was to design and deliver a bespoke sales programme which built on the technical skills and knowledge provided by line management and enabled recruitment consultants to maximise on business opportunities with both clients and candidates.

Our objective was to create a useful, enjoyable and unique experience for our delegates. Our company’s research, as a specialist in behavioural performance, had told us that sales performance is a combination of skills, knowledge and behaviours – some innate and some able to be enhanced.

The initial two day, interactive workshop enabled the Matchtech team to better understand the psychology of sales with a view to developing long-lasting, business partner and consultant relationships with their clients, rather than adopting the ‘commodity provider’ approach frequently experienced by the patrons of this industry. Delegates worked individually, in pairs and in teams to create action plans for change which could be transferred to the workplace and their impact measured in the increase of activity, repeat business and sales revenue.

The management team supported our drive for the transfer of learning by ensuring action plans were all reviewed and all learning objectives were incorporated into daily, weekly and quarterly activity plans.
Every operational employee, who had been with the business for a minimum of six months, attended what has become known as ‘Creating the Buying Experience’.

The impact of the components of this learning intervention have been rewarding and long lasting. Much of the terminology and methods from the programme run like a vein through the business; from the Executive – all of whom attended the programme – to the most junior member of the MTG team.
Creating the Buying Experience provided CPD with the foundation on which to build a strong and long-term relationship with this client. As a result, we were invited to contribute to the further development of the group’s HR and L&D functions as the business evolved.

Our ability to build long term relationships with clients and candidates is fundamental to the growth of our organisation. The vast majority of our sales staff are straight out of university and as a consequence require specialist sales training. CPD created a bespoke workshop which became the foundation to our sales development programme.
Adrian Gunn, CEO 2007-2015

Gattaca plc (formerly Matchtech Group plc)
Recruitment Consultant Sales Development

Gattaca is a leading Engineering & Technology Recruitment Services business.
The business was established in 1984 in Whiteley, Hampshire, UK and now employs in excess of 800 people worldwide.

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