Sales Development, Management Development & Executive Coaching

Sue Walsh, MD of CPD, was invited to work with Warranty Direct in 1999. At that time the business employed a small team of administrative and telesales staff, offering warranties for motor vehicles.
CPD’s initial brief was to support the development and growth of the telesales team by identifying gaps in the skills, knowledge and behaviours of the existing personnel and then designing and delivering workshops and supporting the transfer of learning through the implementation of a work-based sales coaching programme.
During our 13 year relationship with the Warranty Direct team, CPD has continued to support the business through significant change. We have worked closely with the management team to identify and select sales people who are able to display the competencies to achieve consistent excellence in sales performance, whilst maintaining top levels of customer focus in a compliance governed environment.

We have designed and delivered a number of assessment centres, in response to the demand for additional sales resource and have supported the development of management and leadership skills through our management programmes and Executive coaching.
Our sales development initiatives have generated measurable increases in individuals’ sales performance.
Within a few years, Warranty Direct was employing 60+ staff and a sales and service call centre of 40. Warranty Direct was acquired by Cardiff Pinnacle, the UK insurance arm of banking group BNP Paribas, a European leader in global financial services.

We are proud to have played a significant contribution to the development and continued success of Warranty Direct.

Sue has worked with us from our earliest days and provided sales and management   development which has made a significant contribution to our on-going sales success.
Duncan McClure-Fisher, Managing Director

Warranty Direct
Sales Development, Management Development and Executive Coaching

Warranty Direct was the UK’s first direct consumer warranty company and was launched by father and son team, David and Duncan McClure-Fisher and a small team of support staff, in 1997. Under David and Duncan’s leadership, the company saw enormous growth and diversification and became a leading provider of direct consumer warranties.

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