Solution Focused Coaching for Operational Managers and Senior Executives

Following the design and delivery of the group’s management development programmes, CPD was asked to work with the broader management team to encourage transfer of learning and provide a continuation of learning between formal training and development programmes.
Whilst the management programmes incorporate project work to encourage use of the tools and approaches, our objective was to develop and implement structured, solution focused coaching sessions for the management team. During these, they would consider the skills, knowledge and techniques they have gained in order to address their own, or their team members’, performance challenges.
The structured coaching programme was offered as a voluntary development intervention and was welcomed by all Divisional Managers and Directors, who encouraged their TLs and DMs to arrange coaching sessions with CPD qualified coaches, every 6-8 weeks. The duration of each individual’s coaching programme varied, depending on the desired outcomes agreed by the coachee and their manager.
The results of the coaching programme have been very satisfying for all involved with coachees and their teams experiencing a measurable return on investment.

Executive Coaching Programme

Our Executive coaching programme commenced following the implementation of the 360 Leadership Circle tool across the senior management team.
The sessions are offered to Divisional Managers, Directors and the Executive team and are conducted by experienced, qualified CPD business coaches. The coaching sessions have supported the business and its management team through significant growth, the launch of new brands and locations and through the major organisational change associated with this growth.
The team arrange their own sessions with their coach and are provided with on-going support and advice, between all coaching sessions.

Over the last three years the Group’s structure and business model has undergone major change. The coaching programme run by CPD has been instrumental in the success of our change programme by providing external advice and support to our senior management team.
Adrian Gunn, CEO 2007-2015

Gattaca plc (formerly Matchtech Group plc)
Management Development

Gattaca is a leading Engineering & Technology Recruitment Services business.
The business was established in 1984 in Whiteley, Hampshire, UK and now employs in excess of 800 people worldwide.

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